Benefits of Using the Best Office Chair for Back Pain

There are plenty of reasons why you’re still sitting in an office chair for the heavy person that doesn’t provide the proper back support and comfort you need to get through your workday pain-free, although low back pain is one of the most common workplace injuries. But if you think it might be time to upgrade to something with better lumbar support, here are seven benefits of using the best office chair for back pain. You never know – they might convince you to start sitting pain-free today!

1) An ergonomic design

The best office chair for back pain is one that has an ergonomic design. An ergonomic design will make it easier to sit in the chair, which will provide relief from any back pain you may have.

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone is different and your experience with a particular chair might vary from person to person.

2) Lumbar support

Lumbar support is very important in office chairs. Research has shown that lumbar support reduces lower back pain and improves sitting posture.

This can decrease tiredness, tension, and stress levels. The best way to get lumbar support in your chair is with a built-in lumbar pillow or a separate lumbar cushion that you can put on the chair yourself.

3) Contoured seat

A contoured seat that is shaped to fit your body is one way to find relief from back pain. The chair should have lumbar support as well, and ideally, be adjustable so you can find a comfortable position.

This will help reduce strain on your spine and make it easier to sit in the chair for long periods. Some chairs even have a curved edge on either side of the seat, which can provide extra support and make it easier to get up out of the chair when you’re finished sitting.

4) Padded armrests

Armrests are crucial when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. If your arm is uncomfortable or you’re constantly shifting to get comfortable, chances are you’re not going to be able to fall asleep. The same goes for sitting all day in an office chair- if it doesn’t have armrests, then your arms will start to feel numb and heavy after a while.

5) Height adjustable

One of the best ways to alleviate back pain is by using a height-adjustable office chair. This way, you can make sure your posture is correct, and you can get up and move around if your back starts to hurt.

Height adjustment also allows those who are taller or shorter than average to find a good position without having to slump over or reach uncomfortably. Plus, office chairs must have arm rests so that you can rest your arms on them without straining your shoulders or neck.

6) Tilt control

The best office chairs have a tilt control, which is one of the many benefits you’ll get from investing in this type of chair.

This feature allows you to set the chair at an angle and then lock it in place. When your back is starting to hurt, this feature can help relieve some of that pain. The best office chairs also have a headrest and lumbar support, both features that help with back pain.

7) Warranty

The best office chair should not only offer you comfort and stability but also be good for your back. The best office chairs are backed by a warranty to ensure you are getting a quality product that will last.


Back pain is common among workers of all ages, but it can be especially debilitating if you have to spend most of your day sitting at your desk. There are many things you can do to avoid back pain while working, and one of the best ways to start is with the right office chair. An ergonomic chair will help relieve pressure on your spine and joints while providing adequate support to keep you comfortable throughout the day so that you can remain focused and productive. Use this guide to learn the seven benefits of using the best office chair for back pain and find an affordable option for yourself today!

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