Guide From KuCoin About Initial Game Offering ( IGO)

The gaming industry is bigger than Hollywood and the music industry and will never stop. With the advancement of crypto in every sector, gaming is also affected. Now, the players can not only play the games but also invest in their favorite games by purchasing their decentralized assets. Crypto is taking over everything on the internet, and now the games are also based on cryptocurrency. The best thing about crypto games, or as many call them, blockchain games, is that they are not different from regular games but have much more advantages. Playing these games is not only fun but can also produce revenue.

If you are willing to invest in cryptos and NFTs, then KuCoin is the best place for you. It provides the latest coin prices, such as Bitcoin price, Solana price, Litecoin price, etc., and has multiple ways to earn profit without the risk. This article will discuss Initial Game Offering ( IGO) and how they are revolutionizing the gaming and crypto industry. So let’s get started.

What Are Initial Game Offering ( IGO)?

Initial game offerings are how gaming companies earn profits and get the funds to complete their unfinished games. The strategy is similar to selling the equity for funds but is simpler.

Almost every game nowadays uses character skin, weapons skins, and avatars that players can earn by playing or purchasing. The main difference between regular games and IGO is that they are similar to NFT, and the players can purchase them before the game’s launch.

How Initial Game Offering ( IGO) Works?

Initial Game Offering ( IGO) is similar to NTFS, and the players can purchase them in virtual products that they can store in their wallets or crypto accounts. Different kinds of items and products are offered in Initial Game Offering ( IGO), which includes.

  • Players’ skin is exclusive to them and gives them a unique appearance in the online gaming lobby.
  • Vehicle or weapon skin is also rare and limited in the games, and only the players who have purchased it can use them.
  • Exclusive weapons can give the players an edge over other players with their special features.
  • Accessories include chest cards, extra life, and access keys to make the gameplay easier.

The best part about Initial Game Offering ( IGO) is that the players can sell them and purchase them like regular NFTs.

Benefits Of Purchasing Initial Game Offering ( IGO)

There are many advantages related to purchasing the Initial Game Offering ( IGO), and these are not only limited to games but can also provide advantages in real life. These benefits are:

  • Provide an edge on other players.
  • If the gamers are streaming or earning by uploading gameplay videos, then rare items can help increase the views.
  • These items can be sold with profit after the game is launched when their demand is high.

Risk Of Purchasing Initial Game Offering ( IGO)

With the advantages, there are also some risks associated with Initial Game Offering ( IGO), and these are:

  • Delaying in-game release can cause the Initial Game Offering ( IGO) to devalue.
  • Some Initial Game Offering ( IGO) can expire or be consumed after use, limiting their importance.

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