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How Much Can We Rely on Email Marketing?

There are several advantages of email marketing. It allows you to keep in touch with customers at their convenience, as they can read your emails at their leisure. Additionally, people on your email list have already committed to receiving your emails. They are more likely to purchase from you if you are willing to send them relevant offers. Emails also improve your brand’s visibility as you can see the names of those who have already signed up to receive your emails.

However, email isn’t without its limitations. As a channel, it can be hard to use consistently without risking backlash from recipients or channel guardians. There’s a well-known issue called email fatigue that causes consumers to unsubscribe and ignore unwanted messages. As such, it’s vital to weigh your use of email to ensure it continues to be a valuable part of your marketing strategy.

One of the benefits of email is its speed. You can reach your audience quickly by sending emails to your subscribers. However, email open rates aren’t the only metrics you should be focusing on. Mail privacy protection introduced by Apple’s Mail app makes these open rates less reliable. Instead, focus on other email metrics like clicks and conversions. Automation is another powerful tool for email marketers. With a few automations, you can find more customers easily.

While it’s true that email is no longer the simplest means of communication, the popularity of email continues to increase. According to, by 2025, email users will be 4.5 billion, and the daily volume will increase another 4%. Email will continue to grow as a channel and will bring in more than $54.8 billion in revenues. Email is becoming a key part of marketing, but is it a good one? Employer of Record Malaysia can support your company’s global expansion efforts by helping you locate the best overseas talent available to lead successful campaigns through this increasingly popular channel!

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