Key Preventions for Effective Wasp Control 

Wasps are a constant concern in our pleasant climate all year. Due to their exceedingly severe sting, these are more intrusive than others. Wasps can repeatedly sting as well, and this can result in rhabdomyolysis (an uncommon but possibly dangerous illness). Hence, everyone should be aware of the practical wasp control techniques. Here is a blog that lists the prevention tricks by wasp extermination specialists and outlines the required measures below. Also, getting in touch with Stride Pest control can be helpful. 

Even if your yard receives frequent wasp treatments, your behaviors could unintentionally be luring wasps into your outdoor patio. There are certain critical prevention steps you can take to stop this issue. These are listed below. Have a look. 

Get rid of all the food in the yard

Although you might think you have cleaned up your backyard after a BBQ, you might be neglecting other food sources on the lawn that are luring wasps. These might include compost piles, fruit falling on the floor after ripening in the garden, and bird food. 

To get rid of wasps, you don’t necessarily have to eliminate all of these, but pay attention. Any fruit should be harvested as soon as possible. Moreover, fruits that have fallen should be picked up. Bird feeders should be hung far from the residence, and compost piles should be properly covered.

Seal windows and doors

Experiencing a wasp infestation inside your home is worse than experiencing one in your yard. Given that wasps can slide their bodies through even the tiniest openings, caulk should be used to fix any gaps or fractures in the doors and windows.

Know what to plant

Though it might not be able to effectively prevent wasps from entering your yard, putting wasp-deterrent plants out in your yard can serve as a helpful deterrent. Wormwood, basil, geraniums, marigolds, pennyroyals, and mint are plants that wasps highly dislike.

Use peppermint oil

Wasps detest peppermint oil as well. Spray the outdoors with peppermint oil if you have observed wasp activity to deter wasps. Once more, this won’t completely get rid of the wasps. They might find another place to nest. However, it can assist in keeping wasps away from the areas you use the most, like your balcony howitstart


Not to forget, filling in any divots in your cement or holes in your grass is crucial. Wasps may use these if they are intimidated and need shelter. If you walk near these areas, they may startle you with a lethal sting.

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