Preparing for breast augmentation…what should I do?

It’s almost time for the doctor’s appointment for breast augmentation surgery. But still don’t know how to prepare? Because besides the heart that is ready to meet the lancet We also need to prepare the body to be ready.

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to reduce risks and prevent problems that may occur So, let’s go and see how to prepare before undergoing breast augmentation surgery?

Refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking.

If you are going to have surgery, you should refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking at least 1 week before the surgery. Because both alcohol and cigarettes affect the veins. slows wound healing and if it is a major surgery such as a face lift surgery or cutting belly fat The nicotine in cigarettes can put the skin at risk of ischemia and skin death.

Prepare your body rest to the fullest

Before undergoing surgery, you should rest fully, not stress, or worry because a healthy body will result in a successful surgery without complications. If you know that you are a person with high blood pressure, you need to control your blood pressure normally. People who have a cold should be cured first. When the body is ready, there is no need to worry about any complications.

Don’t forget to report any underlying disease or medication history.

should report a chronic disease, regular medication or allergic history to the doctor before undergoing surgery to reduce the risks that may occur during and after surgery Because some medications can affect surgery.

Time is important…

Not that the surgery will take a day or two and the wound will heal completely. No matter what kind of surgery would cause bruising and swelling More or less depends on each type of surgery. Therefore, before the surgery should be prepared for the symptoms that occur after the surgery.

Because when the body is ready, the mind must be ready. Because surgery is not beautiful right away. Everything takes time to heal and bruises disappear. It takes months or months until the wound gets in place. You shouldn’t be impatient because beauty takes time…

What is laparoscopic breast augmentation surgery?

Laparoscopic breast augmentation surgery (Laparoscopic surgery) is a modern surgical method. By using a special device called Endoscopic Breast Surgery, which consists of two necessary equipment:

  1. A tiny camera with a light attached to the end of the pipe.
  2. A monitor that can see the magnified image from the camera.
  3. A special tool used to cut the muscle cavity.

The surgeon will open a few centimeters of skin under the armpit and insert an endoscope to guide the eyes. The images are sent through the camera to the monitor. This method allows the patient to have a smaller incision than the traditional surgery.

Why do breast augmentation surgery through laparoscopic surgery???

  1. Beautiful and natural
  2. High accuracy to cut the cavity to insert the silicone
  3. Less blood loss due to the large image of the blood vessels
  4. Prevent nipple numbness Because seeing the nerve that turns the nipple
  5. Small surgical wound
  6. After surgery, if the patient takes good care of the wound, it will not be able to see clearly. or barely noticeable
  7. Able to recover from surgery faster than normal surgery
  8. Helps reduce the problem of shrinkage around the artificial breast bag after breast augmentation
  9. Can make the breast size bigger in a quick time
  10. It’s not difficult to build confidence in dressing up to look beautiful, sexy and look good.

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