The Difference Between Fashion and Style

Fashion and style are two different things, but they often go hand in hand. Fashion is temporary, while style is timeless. Style is not dependent on what a person wears or says, but rather how they carry themselves and use their appearance to express themselves. There are many ways to be both fashionable and stylish, but there are some key differences. Listed below are some of the most important distinctions between style and fashion.

Style is individual, not universal. Fashions change by decade, season, week, and individual preference. It’s for people who follow trends, not just those who copy them. In addition, style is a way of dressing and is not subject to mass acceptance. Both are important, but there are differences. Style is more personal, requiring a bit of art and flair to be successful. Moreover, stealing style is much harder than copying a trendy outfit.

A timeless style is one that looks good no matter what the season or trend is. For example, a tuxedo is both fashionable and stylish. Although it is not in style right now, it has been around for decades, and the quality and appearance of the garment made it a favorite amongst men and women. Wearing snakes is not considered style. Fashion, on the other hand, refers to styles that are temporary.

As Coco Chanel once said, “style endures, fashion is temporary.” This statement is especially true today, when clothing is the most visible part of your personality, as compared to the rest of the body. In this scenario, fashion is the way you look, regardless of what you wear. And, as Coco Chanel famously said, “fashion is what you buy, while style is something you want to wear for years.”

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