Top Foods That Can Help You Get Better Sleep!

Paying careful attention to your diet can translate to getting better sleep at night. Below are some of the best foods to add to supplement your diet for a restful night’s slumber!

*Poultry: Meat such as chicken and turkey contain a much-needed amino acid known as tryptophan. This isn’t something our body produces naturally, therefore, eating poultry products helps. Tryptophan can help aid in serotonin production which in turn lends itself to more melatonin production— both of which are necessary for sleeping well. 

*Fish: To help with melatonin production, opting for fish such as tuna, salmon, and halibut can up your vitamin B6 intake. As this production takes place in the dark, eating fish for dinner is a great way to jumpstart your body’s natural processes.

*Yogurt: This dairy product is a staple necessary for getting enough calcium into your system that allows for tryptophan and melatonin synthesis. Apart from yogurt, milk and cheese are also recommended.

*Kale: To get your necessary calcium intake, you can also opt for kale as it isn’t a dairy product.

*Bananas: Naturally high in potassium, this fruit can help you sleep through the night. Apart from having abundant potassium, bananas are also rich in magnesium and tryptophan.

*Whole Grains: Consuming enough whole grains can help enhance your body’s ability to produce insulin. The tryptophan activity in your brain is directly impacted by your insulin levels. Plus, getting enough whole grains also helps you get more magnesium into your system.

*Nuts: Filed under the category of nuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds can also help get your system its essential supply of tryptophan and magnesium necessary for serotonin production. 

*Eggs: They naturally contain tryptophan that can make you feel sleepy. Though eggs are seen as a breakfast food, they would be ideal for dinner!

*White Rice: Having white rice as a single serving can increase your blood sugar and insulin levels. Both of these can help support tryptophan production in your brain.

*Honey: This food contains glucose which can counteract orexin, thus lowering its levels in your brain, making you more alert. By consuming honey, you will actually feel sleepier!

Adjusting your diet can make a great deal of difference in your sleep, but you also need to create a restful environment in your bedroom. Buying the right furnishings and modernizing your bedroom can make your home conducive to sleep. Find the best US mattresses in 2023 with this helpful guide.

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