Top Law Schools in the US – Tier One

While the U.S. Law School Rankings list the best law schools in the U.S., a large number of them are not quite at tier one status. Many of these schools have slipped a few spots from last year’s rankings, and are therefore not considered tier one schools. There are exceptions, however. One such exception is the University of California-Los Angeles, which has joined the T14 this year.

In addition to these tiers, there is a second tier of schools. Although not formally delineated, T14 law schools are typically considered the top fifteen to seventy schools. Generally, these are the least expensive of the three and can give you a great education at a significant discount. There are some drawbacks to tier one schools, however. While they might not be a perfect match for your needs, they are better than a sub-tier biographypark.

University of California, Davis School of Law is a public law school in California. Its class size is relatively small – less than 600 students in the Juris Doctor program – but it is also among the best in the country in terms of diversity. Students at the University of Alabama School of Law are guaranteed a spot in their clinical program. Hundreds of cases are handled by their civil law clinic.

Among the top law schools in the U S, the University of North Carolina has a number of outstanding programs. For example, Penn Law is located in the city of Philadelphia, making it a coveted place to attend law school. Admission to Penn Law is extremely competitive, as fewer than fifteen percent of applicants get admitted. Despite the high number of minority students admitted, Penn Law boasts a high bar passage rate, and its average starting salary is over $160,000.

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