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What Are Some of the Best Social Media Marketing Tools?

There are plenty of social media marketing tools available, but which ones are truly the best for your business? There are many apps available that do everything from tracking hashtags to analyzing your competitors’ social media strategies. Using a social media monitoring app can help you find new content ideas and reach influencers to increase your brand’s reach. Some of these tools also let you join conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By using them daily, you can keep tabs on what your competitors are doing and what strategies they’re using.

Another popular social media management tool is Oktopost. This program lets you schedule content to post to social media accounts and track its effectiveness. It’s particularly useful if you’re managing a social media team. Another tool is Everypost. This tool makes it easy to curate relevant content from a single source. It pulls together multimedia and content from multiple sources and lets you schedule it for each platform. You can also customize your posts with different settings for each platform.

Besides those mentioned above, Twitter marketing tools are also essential. For example, Followerwonk helps analyze your audience and suggests new people to follow. This tool is particularly helpful for performance marketers who need to run hundreds or even thousands of different ad variations. With its marketing automation features, AdEspresso can save you a lot of time and help you generate more leads from your social media ad campaigns.

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