What is the First Day of Law School Classes Like?

What is the first day of law school classes really like? The first day of class is a time for you to learn the layout of the law school and its surrounding area. Often, law professors will assign reading for the week and email it to the class. If the professor doesn’t email the entire class, he will probably have a course page on Lexis or Westlaw. Make sure to complete all reading before class starts and take detailed notes.

Orientation is a mandatory component of law school. It can last several days or even a whole week. During orientation, you should get your books done and organize your life. Getting plenty of sleep and eating healthy meals is also important. It’s also important to relax before class starts. There’s a lot to take in on the first day of law school classes. It’s important to have an open mind and be prepared for what lies ahead.

In law school, professors use a Socratic method of teaching. Professors call on students during class to answer questions about assigned cases. Sometimes, professors call on students at random, while others will tell you when to expect to be called upon. Regardless of which method your professor uses, your first day of law school classes will be filled with fun and challenging interactions. And, of course, you’ll meet new friends.

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