What is the Synonym of Fatuous?

The following list provides 37 synonyms of fatuous, along with antonyms. Some of the most common synonyms of fatuous are: inane, facile, sensible, erudite, smart, and apt. If you’d like to learn more about the word fatuous, you can read on to discover its origin and meaning. If you’d like to learn more about fatuous as a noun, check out the following list of idiomatic expressions.

The root of fatuous also forms the word “infatuation,” another word for stupid. While the term usually refers to romantic love, it may be used to describe a person’s unreasoning adherence to a belief or platonic devotion. Infatuation comes from the Latin word ignis, which means “of speech.” People who are infatuated tend to say and do stupid things. Besides being a synonym of fatuous, infatuation also has several other parts of speech.

The word fatuous is used to refer to a person who is foolish or lacking in good judgment. Other words for fatuous include silly and simple. The meaning of both adjectives is similar, indicating a failure to act rationally or use good judgment. It is best to avoid using fatuous and inane words in the same context. Asinine and foolish are both used to describe people who are stupid and inept, while simple means “no sense.”

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